U-ART is a team of experienced professionals working in Worldwide and Georgian moving industry more than 22 years. The significant field of our activity is Fine Art & Antiques Relocation Services. Company specializes in handling and shipping works of art, artifacts and antiquities for museums, galleries, corporate and private collectors.
Our high-skilled specialists are always ready to bring you reliable and responsible Moving Services, work with expatriates or corporate clients and their families relocating for private or business purposes usually internationally, to manage their individual requirements.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us and you will be answered in shortest time.

Sincerely yours, U-ART staff.

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Fine Art & Antiques Relocation

From Picasso's linogravures to heaviest marble sculptures, from thousand years old silk rugs to priceless Renaissance paintings, U-ART skilled team have collectively installed thousands of items valued at hundreds millions of dollars. Whether a single piece of sculpture or artwork for an entire exhibition, we will install it with artistic elegance and ultimate attention.

Since we are in that business, we consider every installation as quite special, we bring white-glove care and precision to all of our projects. In short, if it has value to you, it has value to us.

Our specialty installation capabilities include:
- Custom crating and boxing to ensure every State-of-Art item is packed special way, put in wooden cases, marked and sealed to be transported securely and safely by Air, Sea or Road.;
- Experts on premises disassembly and reassembly;
- Precision placement and hanging of artworks in cooperation with your interior designers and art consultant;
- Professional coordination and 24/7 supervision on transportation process.

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International & Local Moving

Overseas moving services for families and transferring employees is a large part of our business. The process begins with a pre-move survey to determine the size of the shipment, collect relevant data such as dates, the physical conditions at both the current and destination residences (the parking situation, whether there are many stairs, etc.), and to present service options to the customer. The resulting data is then used to calculate a quotation which is presented in a clear, understandable form, presenting all requested options. We will also inform the customer of the documentation required for customs clearance at their destination, and if requested - provide assistance in obtaining these documents.

The same care and quality for all local moves - whether private or corporate, from city to city or around the corner. We work with our customers to individualize alternatives based on the customer's requirements and budget, allowing them to choose a package of services that meets their needs, and of course provide the best possible quality for the services selected.

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Customs Clearance & Examination

Our customs brokers are the best agents working with customs-house. They have enough experience to handle cases of any difficulty levels and provide help with customs exami-nation service for any incoming & outgoing private and non-Diplomatic shipments in shortest time.

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Export Permits

Export permission for Fine Art and other goods from Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Trade of Georgia.

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Storage Service

If any of your goods need to be stored - we can take care of them, as much as needed as long as needed - over long or short terms. If a customer being transferred overseas will be living in a furnished flat, then the majority of his furniture can be professionally storage packed, then placed in storage while only the essentials are shipped overseas. Or, should a new residence at destination not yet be available when the shipment arrives, it can be easily stored until the delivery can be affected. in safe warehouses.

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Additional Services

There are often many additional services needed in connection with a move, such as carpentry, electrical work, special installations or the connection of telephones, DSL internet, cable, etc. Any of these can be arranged easily through our company. We can also provide post-move out cleaning services or maid service to assist with organizing a new home. We can either package selected services into an overall move quotation or provide pricing separately on request.

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Our Details

Company Name:U-ART LLC
Address Jur.:5-1A-13, DM, 0159, Tbilisi, Georgia, GE
Identification No:202457545
Registration Certif. No:TBS#20030
VAT Certif. No:No 099530
Telephone/Fax:+995 322 528 946
Mobile:+995 595 619 619

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